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Tony DePierro

About Tony DePierro

Tony’s rather diverse career began as he joined his families business, Medical Data Technology (MDT). MDT provided IT solutions to hospitals. MDT was sold to Alltel at which time Tony maintained an executive position. As Alltel sold this division off to Eclipsys, Tony went with the acquisition to Eclipsys to handle contractual negotiations for their legal department, which brought him to Delray Beach, Florida. In 2000, Tony had the vision to bring new life to Delray Beach. This birthed the rather famous restaurant called Sopra, which in Italian means “Above or to exceed”, Delray Beach has forever been changed for the better! Sopra was sold to BICE International Restaurant Group. Tony founded Sun Atlantic Properties (SAP), a commercial real estate company upon moving to Florida. One of the properties owned by SAP was Sopra Centre, which housed the famous Sopra Restaurant. SAP sold Sopra Centre for a record-setting price per square foot. As a testament to Tony’s efforts the Sopra Centre and Sopra Restaurant have been memorialized in the history book of Delray Beach. Tony acquired the largest custom wheel company (Automotive) in the state of Florida called G Roads. G Roads carried over 500 wheel designs in-house and catered to the rich and famous. During this time Tony also designed his own custom line of which he sold both in 2008. Tony has once again set his focus on the commercial real estate. Most recently he has aligned himself with JSM Realty Services, wherein his business and entrepreneurial experience lend itself well to all aspects of a commercial real estate but he has a primary focus on the Restaurant industry. Visit my site here
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